lion’s Mane

lion’s Mane


Organic Lion’s Mane
The mushroom for cognition
Pharmacological Action
1. Sedation, anticonvulsant effect
3. Function on blood pressure, heart
4. Immune enhancement
5. Protect the liver and detoxification


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Product Description

  • NOURISH THE MIND: Lion’s Mane supports the cerebral and nervous systems.
  • PRECIOUS MEMORIES: Promotes cognitive functions affecting mental clarity, focus, and memory.
  • NERVE SUPPORT: Studies suggest the ability to increase Nerve Growth Factor in the brain.
  • WHY MUSHROOMS?: Experience natural health-supporting compounds from the original superfood.
  • SUSTAINABLE & CERTIFIED: Our organic mushrooms are sustainably cultivated on our own farm.
  • product name lion mane mushroom extract polysaccharide
    appearance brown powder
    specification  10%–50% Polysaccharides
    test method UV
    description Lion’s Main is a source of at least 32 different active such as the minerals Potassium, Zinc, Iron, and Selenium. All of the major amino acids are present as well, along with a variety of polypeptides and polysaccharides. You may want to add Lion’s Mane to anootropic stack for improved neuron health and for long-term positive effects on memory and reasoning.
    function 1. Help to repair broken gastric mucose, cure for gastric ulcer, gastritis.Digestive tract tumor, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
    2. It is good for digest and can be used as invigorant. Hericium erinaceus can nourish organs, and cure chronic gastricism, duodenum ulcer and other enteron diseases. It also can improve people’s immune system.
    3. Hericipin is another active component of Hericium erinaceus.
    application 1. As drugs’ raw materials for anti-cancer, anti-tumor treating stomach disease and Alzheimer’s disease, Hericum Erinaceus Extract is used in the pharmaceutical field;

    2. As raw materials of products for a tonic effect, enhancing immunity and easing stress, Hericum Erinaceus Extract is used in health industry.

    shelf life 2 years
    storage in cool ,dry place.keep away straight lighting.

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