Afgoo Strain

Afgoo Strain


Buy Afgoo Online, also known asAfgooey, is a potent Indica-dominant strain that is believed to descend fromAfghaniand Maui Haze. This strain may provide some uplifting creativity in smaller doses, but is generally reported to be relaxing and sleepy. This classic member of theKushfamily features all of the lineage’s signature flavors and aromas, leaving cannabis consumers feeling relaxed and a little sleepy.
THC:21% |CBD:0%
Strain Type:INDICA
Taste & smells like:Earthy, Herb, Sweet
Feels like:Relaxed,Sleepy,Euphoric,Hungry
Similar Strains:Blackberry Kush,Death Star,Afghani

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Product Description

TheAfgoo marijuana strainis rumored to be a descendant of anAfghanistrain andMaui Haze. TheAfghani marijuanareally shines through in this bud. Though this strain is technically a hybrid, it is classified as an India thanks to high levels of a particular terpene called myrcene.
The aroma of thisAfgoo budstrongly takes after its Afghan heritage. Perhaps thanks to the myrcene, the aromatic base of this bud is a strong earthy musk. Afgoo also has a woody quality, giving it a forest-like scent. A slight sweet skunkiness and a pine-like acidity add the finishing touches to this crystal-coated flower.
Medical Benefits of Afgoo Marijuana
As you can no doubt tell from the effects, Afgoo is a popular medical marijuana option. It is seen as the ideal weed if you are suffering from chronic stress because of its remarkable ability to ensure you are relaxed. It is also a potential option for people with fatigue or insomnia because you will find it almost impossible to fight sleep if you use ahigh dose of Afgoo.
Medical cannabis patients in pain or in need of some serious relaxation will find relief with Afgoo
Mood-related conditions such as stress, depression and PTSD, are often eased thanks to this strain’s uplifting experience
It can also offer cannabis patients relief from some painful conditions, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis
Afgoo is also used to ease painful muscle spasms and muscle tension

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