Abusive OG Strain

Abusive OG Strain


Abusive OG marijuana strainis pure Indica. Don’t let the name scare you, this kush is popular among users for its relaxing properties. Some claim Abusive OG originates from the famous rapper Snoop Dogg. It has the greatOG Kushtaste of pine, lemon and fuel. The nugs are dense and covered in trichomes and orange pistils. It produces a mellowing body high that some patients find great for relieving anxiety.Abusive OG marijuanainduces strong cerebral euphoria, improves mood and energizes the mind.

THC: 16.00%  |CBD: 1.05%
Stain Type:INDICA
Taste & smells like: Earthy, Lemon, Pungent
Feels like:Focus,Creative,Uplifted,Happy
Similar Strains:Afwreck,ChemdawgandTahoe OG

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Product Description

Abusive OG Strain, contrary to its abrasive name, is actually known for its mellowing qualities. This hybrid is indica dominant and a great example of anOG Kushphenotype. The pure indica cannabis strain Abusive OG emits a spicy, earthy, and sometimes skunky scent and taste with lemony undertones. Some reviewers have described it as similar to green tea. Despite its violent name, Abusive OG will ease you into in a peaceful state of mind that fades over time to a full-body relaxation.
This strain is the California-cut daughter of the famousOG Kush hybrid strain.
Abusive OG’s THC levelsaverage between 13%-18%, with CBD levels between 2%-5% depending on cultivation conditions. Reviewers describeAbusive OG’s highas contradictory to its name, producing a peaceful state of mind that invokes happiness and a cerebral head high that stimulates thoughts and focus. Following the head rush, the consumer will feel a relaxing body high the relieves aches and creates the munchies. Many describe the head high as similar to a sativa strain, without the grogginess or sleepiness many indicas produce.
Medical Benefits of Abusive OG
Medical marijuana patients who pick up Abusive OG will find it can be quite different than its name suggests, offering a range of therapeutic qualities.
This medical cannabis strain will make patients deeply hungry regardless of whatever appetite loss is present
Immediate tranquilizing effects may provide emergency aid to the chronic insomniac
Indica-typical pain-relieving effects good for those dealing with headaches, joint pain, and so on

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